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  • Oedipus Glossary

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    Abae Place north of Thebes where an oracle of Apollo presided.
    Apollo God of music, poetry, prophecy and medicine in Greek and Roman mythology. In this play, he is important as the source of the prophecies of the oracle.
    Ares Greek god of war.
    Artemis Goddess of the moon, wild animals and hunting in Greek mythology. She is Apollo's twin sister.
    Athena Goddess of wisdom and warfare.
    Bacchus God of wine and fertility. Also called Dionysus.
    Cithaeron Mountain range between Thebes and Corinth. Here, the place where Oedipus was abandoned.
    Corinth Ancient city in Greece located in the northeast Peloponnesus, west of central Greece. A city noted for its luxury and the home of Oedipus after his adoption.
    Delphi A town in ancient Phocis, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus; seat of the famous oracle of Apollo.
    Oracle Among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the place where or the medium by which deities were consulted.
    Dionysus God of wine and revelry. Also called Bacchus.
    Dorian A native of Doris, a member of one of the four main peoples of ancient Greece. Here, the term describes Oedipus. adoptive mother.
    Hermes God who is herald and messenger of the other gods.
    Olympus Highest mountain in Greece and thought to be the home of the gods.
    Pan God of fields, forests, wild animals and shepherds.
    Parnassus Mountain in central Greece, sacred to Apollo.
    Phocis Region in central Greece where the roads from Delphi and Daulia meet. The place where Oedipus killed Laius.
    Sphinx a winged monster with a lion's body and the head and breasts of a woman. Here, the monster plagued Thebes by devouring anyone who could not answer her riddle.
    Thebes Principal city of ancient Boeotia, in eastern central Greece and the location of the tragedy.
    Zeus Chief deity of Greek mythology, son of Chronus and Rhea and husband of Hera.

    OEDIPUS REX by Sophocles
    April 1-10, 2005

      Special lecture
      "Open house" lecture about Sophocles, Oedipus, Greek mythology and more.
      Featuring the Stage Director of Oedipus Rex Anatoly Anohin, Set Designer Timaree McCormick, Lillian Corti "Blindness, Sight, and Psycoanalysis in Oedipus" of the UAF English Department and Dr. Joseph Thompson "Oedipus Rex and the Oracle at Delphi" of the UAF Philosophy & Humanities Department.
      Monday, March 28, 5:30pm in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre

      Free Admission & will be available on-line via streaming audio and video! Check back here for details.

      OEDIPUS REX in the Lee H. Salsibury Theatre
    • Friday, April 1 @ 8:15pm
    • Saturday, April 2 @ 8:15pm
    • Sunday, April 3 @ 2:00pm followed by a Q&A with the director and cast!
    • Friday, April 8 @ 8:15pm
    • Saturday, April 9 @ 8:15pm
    • Sunday, April 10 @ 2:00pm


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