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Auditions for our Fall, 2012 semester productions (The Flu Season and Winter Shorts) will be held on
Saturday, September 1, 2012
in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre beginning at 1:00 pm.


Theatre Majors are required to take part in either morning auditions or Portfolio Review as per the courses 191/291. Looking for Portfolio Review information instead?

Community members auditioning for "All in the Timing" or "Winter Shorts" do not need (but are welcome) to take part in the morning slot; please skip to item #2.

Students should plan on attending and participating in the 2.5 hour block; 9:30am-12:00pm in the Salisbury Theatre.
  More information about the above morning reading block may be found here.
2 Anyone interested in auditioning for the Fall Mainstage Production"The Flu Season" directed by Stephan Golux: please go to that specific website at: for "audition sides" and production information.
You do not need to be a UAF student to audition for our productions; community members are encouraged to participate!
Saturday, September 1, 1:00pm – 5pm. This will include readings from the script.
You will need to submit an Audition Information Form (available here).
  Specific Audition Information for "Winter Shorts" will be available below.
3 Callbacks: You will be asked to read scenes from sides. Sides are short, one-page prepared scenes from the body of the play which two actors will read with one-another. Callbacks: May be September 2, 2012, noon – 5pm scheduled as per invitation and availability

The following is general information regarding auditions and productions in the Theatre UAF Season - view season information here for information on the upcoming productions.

To Audition you should first fill out an audition information form (available on the "pocket" outside of the Theatre UAF Box Office door) or on-line here (a 38k file - small) (A pdf file which requires Adobe's free Acrobat Reader plug in to view) and return it (if the office is closed, please slide it under the door) to the UAF Theatre Department Office located in the Great Hall outside the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre.

If you are unable to come to campus to sign up for an audition slot; please call Kim in the Department office (907-474-6590) and ask her to assist you.

Remember to be on time for all your audition appointments!

SDA Board

SDA Board On the SDA Board, by the sign up sheets (located to the left of the Great Hall near "Graffiti Hallway" / by the scene shop) there are tentative rehearsal and performance schedules for all the Shows. Please consult it when answering questions on the Audition Information Form. While not all actors are called to all rehearsals - nevertheless the process is time consuming.
SDA Board


You should feel encouraged to look at the scripts which are available on reserve in the campus Library under course Theatre-101 (THR 101).

You are strongly encouraged to read "The Flu Season" - the play for which you are auditioning!


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