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THR 190/290 Audition Assessment
(0 Credit Audition Class for Theatre Majors)
This is separate from the production auditions.

WHEN: September 1, 9:30AM-12:00PM. All actors will be there the entire time slot.
WHERE: Lee H. Salisbury Theatre
WHO: All theatre majors registered for the THR190/290 0 credit class. Professor Golux will provide on-the-spot feedback, observable by all students.
WHAT: By January 19, students will be given access to three or four sides from a contemporary play.  “Sides” are short excerpts from the play that allow two (or sometimes more) auditioners to read against one another.  Students should be prepared to read any gender-appropriate role from all sides provided against a neutral “audition reader”.  In addition to preparing all “Sides”, students are encouraged to learn what they can about the play (also announced by January 19) and the playwright who wrote the play.

Each student will have a 5-minute audition slot, and the side you will be presenting will be selected for you by the faculty right before you present.  As in the professional world, you may be asked to re-work a side, or to present an additional side.  Sides auditions typically differ from Monolog auditions in the business in that it is not the actor’s job to make sure they keep their audition time in the allotted slot.  Time-keeping is the auditor’s job, and they may (and frequently do) run over.

Some pointers:

Still have questions? Contact Professor Golux (
All Theatre Majors are required to participate in either this morning “Audition Assessment” or the “Portfolio Review” (1/28/12)

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