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thtr_logo_reversedThis is an extension experiment of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre & Film Department (Theatre Film UAF) website.

We have been experimenting with the concept of "Virtual Theatre" for over a decade (beginning with 1999's "Hamlet Dreams"; an original work by director Anatoly Antohin, and the first full production ever webcast).

This blog has been created to continue and open the discussion up really starting with our 2009 production of "Caligari: Alaska" - a staged adaptation from the classic 1919 silent movie/horror film "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".

We look forward to your participation! We hope you will join the discussion by commenting and/or registering for the blog!

This site was designed by Kade Mendelowitz - University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department Professor, and owner of Multimakers Multimedia - an interactive media design company.