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Sunday, June 14th, 2009

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“Kabinett” literal a cabinet
Literal a type of cheap wine kept in a cabinet
Literal the term for a government in particular all ministers aka the most senior appointed officers in the respective department.

SCHATTENKABINETT literal a cabinet formed by the opposition party – in case of dissolution of the government these senior officers would take over.

Subtext: after World War I even the cabinet in power were often viewed as A “Shadow cabinet” ineffective and puppet like. There is a puppeteer who we not see that pulls the strings, that “runs the show”

An image often used in political campaign posters from all parties encompassing the entire political spectrum communism to radical nationalists.

GRUSELKABINETT literal a theatrical place on the fairgrounds where one enters to be frightened, to be astounded, to be removed from reality and to see oneself and others in distorted mirror images.