Video interview: Anatoly Anothin discusses “Virtual Theatre”

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Director Anatoly Antohin talks about the last 10 years of Virtual Theatre from productions of "Three Sisters" (1999) to "Hamlet Dreams" (2001) to 2009's "Caligari: Alaska".

Approximately 13 mintues.

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One Response to “Video interview: Anatoly Anothin discusses “Virtual Theatre””

  1. Anatoly Antohin Says:

    Kade, beautifully done.
    I have to think how to incorporate it [link] into my “Virtual Theatre” pages…
    Especially, with Theatre LUL School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia !
    I know that I will be busy with the formation of live rep company, not having time for web and theory.
    NTL, there is a connection between “new” theatre forms and very old (anciest) ways of pra-spectacle.
    Thanks, and I will be staying in touch with you on the progress.

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