Caligari set design: “The City”

Set and lighting designer Kade Mendelowitz says

I called this portion the “city” – I felt it was important to have a way for the towns people to be searching for either Caligari or Cesare without them being able to “see” them; kind of like a comedy of errors… Anatoly’s early idea was that this is a comedy about horror.

The general shape of the buildings were inspired by the movie (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari).  The strong angular shapes which were painted on the floor and walls were to avoke the feeling of the classic Film Noir / German Expressionistic style of the movie.  Lighting in the Theatre doesn’t work the same way as on film.  You can’t get blacks in ‘live’ theatre the way you can in film.  Shadows get some filled-in bounce; so I wanted the triangles painted on the set reminiscent of long shadows being thrown.

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