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on the Salisbury Theatre stage April 17-26, 2009
We are located at 311 Tanana Drive Suite 302 Great Hall Fairbanks, AK 99775-5700 on UAF's main campus • Tickets: (907) 474-7751


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GYPSY…. Roma…. Sinti….
WANDERERS and nomads of ancient times who once were thought to be Egyptians cast forth from the land because of having harbored the Jesus child, and later to be found a people that came form India to travel the world, a people with their own language, their own laws, their music, their CULTURE in essence – an ever moving, circling and visiting of places, like seasons returning time and time again- 

A MYSTICAL/MUSICAL people with the power to tell the fortune, mercenaries of the MAGIC trade, YOU want to know and YOU can pay, YOU shall learn of the future as it may be…TRADING IN FORTUNES…  THROUGH ages it is the Gypsy’s birth right to be a channel/conduit for the world of spirits/souls… while it is THE Customer’s RESPONSIBILITY to handle the TRUTH that he/she is asking for. ………

GYPSY BEINGs -LOVED, loathed, hated, persecuted TO prison and death, sought out and after, to tell the fortune with cards, palms, crystals, and tea leaves, to partner in petty and high crime, to hide the unwanted illegitimate bourgeois child, to collaborate, to play a song, to fall in love, to MAKE LOVE, TO exercise the right of freedom, to be a stranger for ever more, among US which is not them…to be forever free among their rule … visitors from a place afar, travelers that are not to stay ….no need to become us…. Enough to be THEM… a PEOPLE of their OWN…. 


Hey, Gypsy, strike upon your strings!
Spiel das Lied vom ungetreuen Mägdelein!
Play the song of the faithless young girl!
Laß die Saiten weinen, klagen, traurig bange,
Let the strings weep complain, sadly quiver,
Bis die heiße Träne netzet diese Wange!
Until the hot tears flow down this cheek!
Hochgetürmte Rimaflut
Hochgetürmte Rimaflut, wie bist du so trüb,
High-towered raging waters of the Rima, how murky you are,
An dem Ufer klag’ ich laut nach dir, mein Lieb!
On the bank I loudly cry for you, my love!
Wellen, fliehen, Wellen Strömen,
The waves fly, storm
Rauschen an den Strand heran zu mir
Speed towards me on the shore,
An dem Rimaufer laßt mich ewig weinen nach ihr!
On Rima’s banks let me ever weep for her!
Wißt ihr, wann mein Kindchen
Wißt ihr, wann mein Kindchen am allerschönsten ist?
Do you know when my darling is most beautiful?
Wenn ihr süßes Mündchen scherzt und lacht und küßt
When her sweet mouth teases and laughs and kisses.
Mägdelein, du bist mein, inniglich küß ich dich,
Maiden, you are mine, I kiss you with all my heart,
Dich erschuf der liebe Himmel einzig nur für mich!
Heaven created you only for me.
Wißt ihr, wann mein Liebster am besten mir gefällt?
Do you know when I most love my darling?
Wenn in seinen Armen er mich umschlungen hält.
When he holds me embraced in his arms.
Schäzelein, du bist mein, inniglich küß’ ich dich,
Darling, you are mine, I kiss you with all my heart,
Dich erschuf der liebe Himmel einzig nur für mich!
Heaven created you only for me!
Lieber Gott, du Weißt
Lieber Gott, du weißt, wie oft bereut ich hab,
Dear God, you know how often I have regretted
Daß ich meinem Liebsten einst ein Küßchen gab
That I once gave my darling a little kiss
Herz gebot, daß ich ihn küssen muß,
My heart commanded that I kiss him
Denk so lang ich leb’ an diesen ersten Kuß
As long as I live I will think about this first kiss
Lieber Gott, du weißt, wie oft in stiller Nacht
Dear God, you know how oft in the still of night
Ich in Lust und Leid an meinen Schatz gedacht.
In desire and pain I have thought of my darling.
Lieb ist Süß, wenn bitter auch die Reu’,
Love is sweet, but bitter is regret
Armes Herze bleibt ihm ewig treu.
but my poor heart will remain forever true
Brauner Bursche führt zum Tanze
Brauner Bursche führt zum Tanze
The tanned lad leads to the dance
Sein blauäugig schönes Kind
His blue-eyed, beautiful young girl
Schlägt die Sporren keck zusammen
Kicks his spurs together
Czárdás Melodie beginnt.
A Czárdás melodie begins
Küßt und hertzt sein süßes Täubchen
Kisses and snuggles his sweet turtle dove
Dreht sie, führt sie, jauchzt und springt
Spins her, leads her, shouts and jumps
Wirft drei blanken Silbergulden
Throws three shining silver gulden
Auf das Zymbal daß es klingt
At the cymbal so it ring

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