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Theatre UAF Presents Caligari: AlaskaTheatre UAF logo
on the Salisbury Theatre stage April 17-26, 2009
We are located at 311 Tanana Drive Suite 302 Great Hall Fairbanks, AK 99775-5700 on UAF's main campus • Tickets: (907) 474-7751


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RUMMELPLATZ (engl. Fairgrounds)
A composite word RUMMEL (English. Whoopee, merriment, excitement, celebration, razzle-dazzle, dazzling celebration, wild confusion) and PLATZ (English Ground, place)

Magicians, acrobats, freaks, wild beasts from foreign shores, and all that is an unsavory but ooh so exciting descends upon a small town, where they set up shop at the outskirts, like lepers, and announce through posters and messengers that they have arrived and the town folk, in need of distraction from daily toils, driven by the excitement to mingle among the unrestrained – the free, the unruly, the dangerous, the rebels, the criminals- flock to the meadows and become onE with the MASSE (ENGL. CROWD OF PEOPLE) which like a body of water, in extreme slow motion, uptakes the individual into the COLLECTIVE and ALL RESISTANCE GONE, THE CROWD moves, like heavy syrup rolling over the meadow, to exit and enter the booths and attractions as one chooses. 

Fairgrounds are
Popular backdrops for film directors and writers of crime novels and high literature to stage mayhem, murder, and romance
THE PLACE where the unfathomable can happen,
“ A survivor of a German concentration camp recognizes the SS- guard as they pass each other on the fairgrounds (1949)”

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