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Theatre UAF Presents Caligari: AlaskaTheatre UAF logo
on the Salisbury Theatre stage April 17-26, 2009
We are located at 311 Tanana Drive Suite 302 Great Hall Fairbanks, AK 99775-5700 on UAF's main campus • Tickets: (907) 474-7751


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IT is a foreign name, it is an exotic name, someone from a different shore befitting for a man to be found in a tent on a fairground (Rummelplatz).

Stereotype: Caligari must be a “Wahrsager “ (English: fortune teller, prophesier, prognosticator, seer, forecaster).
All fortunetellers are different - not from here, but from somewhere else. A magician from a foreign country, secretive, hidden, dangerous, he is a portal to a different world – someone who can see into people’s souls- someone who can walk among the SHADOWS.
Someone you cannot hide anything from – he reveals your deepest secrets- therefore he cannot be trusted- but he is the only one that YOU need to tell you the FUTURE.

The psychiatrist “professionally takes on this role”.

SOUTH, THE LAND OF THE STORIES OF A 1001 NIGHTS, the nomad of the desert that resides in a tent, not a house, that invites you to enter and you walk among carpets and sit in a chair and look in the magician’s eyes and YOUR JOURNEY begins.

THE walls of tents are alive they reveal what is inside and distort what is lurking outside. It is a place of SHADOWS, MYSTICAL, scary, and it is ephemeral as it vanishes with its occupants and nothing remains to indicate that it was there.

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