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Theatre UAF Presents Caligari: AlaskaTheatre UAF logo
on the Salisbury Theatre stage April 17-26, 2009

An Original production

Inspired by the classic silent movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

This grand Caligari experiment has moved to a more interactive site featuring lots of video, photos, cast info and more!
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Caligari by Director   Anatoly Antohin  
Sceneography by   Kade Mendelowitz   Anna Gagne-Hawes   Gypsy
Original Music composed by   Isaac Paris   Corbin Gieck   Alan
Videography and Projections by   Sean Bledsoe   Rachel Blackwell   Gypsy
        Mary Pastro   Old Woman
Assistant Director  
Brian Lyke
  Jenna Weisz   Prostitute / Mother
Rafaela Stacheter
  Sarah Brewer   Olympia's Body
Stage Manager  
Victoria Slavoustska
  Clair Wool   Olympia's Soul
        Jey Johnson   Gypsy
        Pedro Lizardi   Policeman
        Ramiro Rivera   Olympia's Father
        Tricia Bates   Prositute / Mother
        Paul Rios   Cesare
        Sergio Satana   Caligari
        Jules Nusunginya   Policeman's Lackey

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