Post-Post Production

Although I felt good about “The Messenger” premiere, there are a few things I’m planning on tweaking before sending it off to Festivals beginning June 1.

Getting Ready to "Loop"!

This past week I held 3 days of “Looping” sessions with 7 actors from the movie – re-recording the audio for the conference room & hallway scenes.  I believe the sessions were successful, though I haven’t yet placed them in the scenes.

Screen Capture

18 Evening News before editing

Student Steve K. offered to complete the marquee removal from the Ice Museum/downtown shoot; out of town for Mother’s Day, we believes it will take the week after that to complete the removal (each frame must be done individually for best results) – then I’ll have to line up the replacement image.

Storyboard from "Larry Beats Regardless"

Storyboard from "Larry Beats Regardless"

I’m also hoping to add a little “poof” to Michael’s disappearance at the end of the “Larry Beats Regardless” scene.  A subtle change for sure!

Overall the hope/plan/goal is to have the movie officially done by June 1.  This continues to be an ambitious project!

It would be great to also complete the behind-the-scenes interviews that were filmed by students (but mostly unedited) – I plan to work on those during the week that Steve is working on the marquee removal.

There will be fewer and fewer updates to the site, although I plan to add information about Festivals and such!

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