2 days before the first big shoot.

It’s Saturday, and our first big shoot is on Monday.  We’re shooting Memorial Day so we can have the location all to ourselves (which added some additional logistical requirements like getting keys, notifying the police, and searching for available restrooms).

We’ll be shooting what may be the most difficult (psychologically) scene of the movie – where Jessie gets attacked; sending her character into a bit of a tailspin of doubting all religion and the presence of G-d.

Most of the crew are students new to me; some with experience, some without.  Our makeup person just bailed and the costumer will be out of town for the rest of the summer.  I’ve never worked on a video production with so many people involved.  I’m excited but also a little nervous.  I’ve been inundated with questions and meetings the level of which I’m unaccustomed; and it’s taken a huge amount of time just to prep.

On the very positive note, however, the Director of Photography (DP) had some excellent ideas for the shoot – so I’m confident it will turn out even better than what I had envisioned.

Part of why I’m feeling a little intimidated by this process, however, is that this scene will likely be less than 2 minutes on screen; and will be “split screened” with another scene…so this is many hours of work for very little screen time.  I’m used to thinking of 1 hour per minute of screen time; but this has been way over 2 hours already.  I should keep track of prep time more closely, as it will be curious to see if things get easier (as they do in Theatre) or if all location shoots take this long (or more!) since every location is a new set-up and process.

Onward to Monday!

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