Larry Beats Regardless

Angels, like Michael, are only able to guide others towards the right path.  But there are some people – unfortunately many people – who choose to ignore this suggestion.

Larry is one of these.

Michael tries to stop Larry from hitting his wife and child; but because of free-will; Larry does not have to comply.  It is because of people like this that Michael has taken physical form and is telling us (the many) that we must make better choices.

Shoot scheduled for Thursday, July 14, 2011.

    Cast: I can be quite flexible on this.  Stereotypically he wouldn’t be well dressed; and the kitchen would be messy or cheap.  But, the unfortunate truth is that this behavior crosses social and economic boundaries; so I’m open to different interpretations. 

  • Larry (played by Shannon L.)- angry man.
  • Francine (played by Tricia B.) – roughly the same age as Larry.  Can have <makeup> bruises
  • Kevin (played by Jasen C.) – son.  Crying.
  • Kitchen – anytime, though evening or night preferred.

Link to: Storyboard (157k 2 page pdf)
Link to: Screenplay (script, 50k pdf)

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