What a great week!

This was quite an intense week, working on “The Messenger”… 3 shoots!

Monday, during a somewhat-unrelated meeting I learned we will likely need to move the live stage performances earlier in the semester.  This is still not definite, but very likely.  The reasons are related to personnel; it will be tricky because some scenes need to be shot (and edited) before the stage performances occur, but after casting (which is September 3).  Tight for yours truly who’s directing and editing!

Tricia celebrated her birthday Quiet on the set!Anita applies makeupJasen shows off his makeup bruises

TextiDriverThursday we shot “TextiDriving” – Michael, similar to me, doesn’t like when people are using their cell phones to text while driving. In this case, he’s able to save a boy from being hit by a distracted driver. Kids are challenging, but luckily Kim E. was on hand to help wrangle them! She also loaned us her car as a ‘beater’ for the scene – which was fabulous because the sun roof really came in handy! Special thanks to double-duty David Leslie for driving while texting, and not hitting anyone (nor did he drive off the road!)

Opening SequenceFriday was another hectic day, shooting the “Child’s Play” scene. Part of the opening sequence, we were lucky enough to have a true father-and-daughter team (Eric and Annabel H.) who also allowed us to use their lovely home as the location! They both did a great job, and Annabel is on her way to becoming a great actress!

Although those were the only formal shoots planned at the time (before auditions anyway) we have a ‘small’ shoot on Wednesday and Friday of next week… stay tuned for more, true believers! Special Thanks to all of the great help we’ve been receiving!

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  1. David L says:

    Don’t forget about me- Someone had to text in the drivers seat!

  2. Kade says:

    You did a great job, David! Re-load and re-read!

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