Summer is over!?

Smell the flowers While Summer is not exactly over… shooting for the Summer is done!
We didn’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, as you can tell from this screen capture from one of the scenes we shot…a lovely day in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Borgeson Botanical Gardens on UAF’s campus.

Major update: we did decide to change the dates of the live performances to late October (from November).  The show will now run October 21-30.  Specific dates and times, along with the newly prepared Press Release information has been added to the Performance Information page on the site.
I’m working hard on preparing Audition Information (that page too has been updated in preparation for the September 3 audition date) and have updated the department E-Newsletter options so people who are interested can get free updates when critical information gets posted.

These days are both stressful and exciting. I’ve continued making rough edits of the footage already shot; and had to update the Department calendar and websites due to the change of schedule (after consulting with most of the stage design team). Work on the script has slowed; but will commence with new vigor in the days ahead. I’m mostly struggling with pacing and how far to delve into the religious aspects of Michael’s existence versus how Angels work and the afterlife of humans…very interesting, research-heavy, and contemplative.

No rest for the weary…

Screen Capture from The Messenger

Screen Capture from The Messenger

Screen Capture from The Messenger
Screen Captures from the “SleepyDriver” scene of the upcoming stage & screen production “The Messenger”

Thanks for checkin’ in, and please: “Keep on Truckin'”!

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