Auditions are coming!

Audition Hello true believers! We’re about two weeks out from auditions, and as promised; audition information has been updated!

I’m really excited about how the script has developed (version 2 was sent out to select individuals 2 weeks ago, and I’ve received a lot of feedback).  Everyone agrees it’s better than ever!  I’m going to push really hard now to get a final/working version done quickly.  Version 1 was really the stage version, and Version 2 was only the screenplay version – now I need to develop a hybrid copy which can include it all (inset gulp sound effect here)!

I have updated the character descriptions, and created audition “sides” for each character.  That’s about one page of dialogue, typically between two characters, that people will use to read from for their audition piece.  We’ll have assistants available to read the other character.  They’re posted now so people can download them, get comfortable reading them… you don’t have to memorize them; but it’s very helpful if the auditioner doesn’t have to keep their nose in the paper the whole time!  Also, people may try a specific character “take” – which would be fun and exciting!

I’ve also updated the tentative rehearsal and shooting schedules (also available online) so people can consider their other obligations when trying to select a role they’d like to go for (film-only roles are much less time-intensive; stage-and-screen roles are larger…for this project).

I must give out a “special thanks” shoutout to our wonderful DP (Director of Photography) Maya, UAF colleague Stephan and my sweet (English Major from Undergrad) wife Tanya for each providing me with exceptional feedback!  They each shared some new ideas and obviously spent a great deal of time helping to make this project better.

So, if you’re in the Fairbanks, Alaska area – I hope you’ll consider auditioning (or being an “extra” which has no lines, no rehearsal, and still includes credit!) Saturday, September 3!

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