Downtown Fairbanks shoot a success!

After two months of planning, a permit for a street closure, rumors of a 9/11 protest (misinterpretation of what we were doing), 4-scene shoot schedule, over a dozen extras, over a dozen crew, and heavy rain the day prior to filming (leaving people wondering if we were going to be washed out): our ambitious day of shooting was a success!

Here are a few photos from behind-the-scenes photographer Saryn W. (thank you, Saryn!) with more to come…

don’t miss the fun and excitement that is: “The Messenger” project!  There are two more opportunities for Extras coming up, and the live performance takes the Salisbury Stage in just over a month from now: October 21!
Click on “Extras” or “Performance Information” above for further details!

I am truly grateful for the support of such a fabulous team –
Professor Kade Mendelowitz, author & director
Click any image below for a larger view and more information.

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