Active week!

"Let's Make A Movie" class shoots some green screen!

On set with The Messenger in the KUAC TV Studio

Monday the “Let’s Make a Movie” class helped us shoot some pieces for Scene 10: “Montage” (“CarnyMan” specifically).  Check out the rough cut below!

Wednesday morning we shoot Amazing Admin Kim Eames as “The Doctor” and  Super Supervisor Adam Gillette as “PoliceMan”.  Wednesday evening we’ll be shooting scene 14 “Restore America” meeting in the Salisbury Theatre with a bunch of extras (be sure you’re one of them!) , where Michael McIntyre will give his farewell to Fairbanks performance (luckily we’ll be videotaping it!)
Friday we shoot a few scenes (primarily “Couple Trouble”), then Saturday is another run through for lighting designer Deirdre.  All of this is to say nothing of the (2) production meetings on Tuesday and a few rehearsals scattered throughout!

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