Crazy week, but back on track!

From Scene 13: "Restore America"

From Scene 14: "Restore America".

Storyboard image for Scene 14: "Restore America"

Storyboard image for Scene 14: "Restore America"

Ooooo- look how similar the screen capture (left) compares to the storyboard (right).  Yay!

Last Monday: We shot “CarnyMan” and recorded the Voice Over (V.O.) for the Announcer and David.
Tuesday: Due to a personal crisis, the gentleman who was playing Michael (the male lead!) dropped out of the production.

Whoa.  Rehearsal that night was cancelled.

Wednesday: We had two more morning shoots; for the ‘testimonial montage’; “The Police Officer” and “The Doctor”.  Those shoots turned out well – and feature fancy lighting! (which always makes this director feel a little bit better inside ;-))

After that shoot (with more assistance from the “Let’s Make A Movie” class), we had a ‘top brass’ meeting of the primary faculty working on the production to discuss options for continuing the production.  We decided to continue  with “The Messenger”, but to ‘only’ make the film (as if making a film is soooooo not much work) and have auditions that Saturday.  We decided this, primarily, because to recast the male lead (who has the most lines in the live show) less that two weeks before opening would be too stressful, and likely be a disaster.  This, considering our professional actress playing Jessie has been learning lines for over a month and is still not quite off book (she’s doing great; that’s not a complaint; I’m just giving some perspective to the huge challenge that was facing us).

Wednesday night: another large shoot with dozens of Extras!  Yay Fairbanks Community Support!  Images up top!

Thursday: Nope.  No rehearsal.  Hard to do without a male lead.  Mind still reeling.

Behind-the-scenes photos from The Messenger shoot.

The beautiful Tamar (played by Ashley T.)

Friday: Another shoot! Sorry; can’t share images; ’cause it might spoil one of the surprises! Although, I guess I can share this one:

Saturday: We had auditions ‘just’ to replace Michael.  We had four contenders.  It was a tough decision for such a unique opportunity and role.. and: luckily we were successful… Andrew Cassel is our new Michael!

I can not say I am not disappointed that we will not be doing the stage-and-screen production I wrote, and am very proud of.  I was hoping it would be an opportunity to show off the unique nature of our department(s) and the program here at UAF.  Quite honestly: if I knew we would be making “just” a film (again: as IF that’s not a lot of work) I wouldn’t have written the piece like this, and I would have saved this idea for a future slot.  I have written, edited and directed other movies.  I have adapted and directed other plays.  This script took a great deal of work to cultivate for the cross-hybrid purpose of serving both of my passions.  BUT: I am excited to still finish this movie -which I think will be a great showcase for the new Film program!  As my sweet wife Tanya pointed out; movies in Hollywood get shelved all the time because a star dropped out.  This is true.
I may have postponed this production, but so many people (just look at the incomplete “Credits/Thanks” page) have put a great deal of time and effort into this piece right now – and most of the budget has been spent (this is an expensive endeavor!) so the show…or, uh, moviemust go on!

I spent Sunday and Monday crying…I mean, re-writing and tightening up the script now that it is “only” a movie.  Some of the stage stuff was there to explain the situations to the audience that were part of the movie.  I was going to cut some of the “interview” out of the film; but now that we’re not doing the ‘live’ portion, we don’t need to film it to begin with!  And, that would mean less lines for the new “Michael” to learn.


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