First shoot successful!

First day of filming on 'The Messenger' The first day of filming was a great success!

I feel truly blessed to have had such a wonderful group of people show up to help get this project off to a wonderful start!

We shot what was likely the most difficult (psychologically) scene – which is good and bad; but now it should hopefully go even easier!

I was lucky to have two great actors (Carrie Baker, in photograph, and Andrew Cassel) to work with – they were a real joy – especially considering the content of the scene and the costumes they had to deal with (the garage was quite cold for Carrie, and Andrew wore an uncomfortable mask).

First day of filming on 'The Messenger'And the crew was truly outstanding!  It feels ridiculous to admit I’ve never used a clapboard before (I always just literally clapped) – which made editing SO much easier!  And the 1st Assistant Camera Op., Caleb, who ran the clap app also made rating notes – indispensable!

Thanks to Production Managers and Assistant Directors, I didn’t have to hold one piece of paper all day – a tremendous treat!  Chris organized restrooms, took care of lunch facilities, organized equipment – while Kavelina kept everyone moving and on-time.  We got all the shots we wanted, and were done right on schedule; awesome!

First day of filming on 'The Messenger'Boom operators, grips, scenic artist, press kit photographer, documentarian, script supervisor – the team was overwhelmingly gracious and generous. . . I appreciate all of their work!
Left-Right: Kade Mendelowitz, Caleb Souder, David Leslie, Jayo Batangan, Christopher Kern, Maya Salganek, Nicki Karl, Carrie Baker, Andrew Cassel, Arvia Glass, Jeff Buckley, Kavelina Torres, Carl Sage and Tiana Hanson.

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