HUGE weeks!

The set's looking good!

This was a huge week on “The Messenger”.

Monday we shot the second (of two) conference room scenes.

Tuesday we had a production meeting discussing upcoming schedules, we had a rehearsal – and the Sun Star (student newspaper) printed a very nice article about the production (downloadable here1 page, 300k pdf).

Wednesday another shoot and rehearsal.  Friday was a big shoot – scene 16 “Seeking Guidance” – which featured the work of the entire Theatre/Film UAF Faculty and staff.  Carrie Baker (Jessie) and Stephan Golux (Father Andrew) gave powerful performances in costumes by Bethany Marx as Director of Photography Maya Salganek shot, and creator Kade Mendelowitz looked on (and lit it).  This was a huge and dramatic scene for “The Messenger”, and it was amazing seeing it come together.

Saturday was a rehearsal (first time under lights by student designer Deirdre Adams)!  There are just three weeks of production left… with a big shoot on 11/5 where we need about 50 extras, you can still get involved (just click on “extras” above for more)!

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