It’s a wrap!

It's a wrap!

Primary shooting for “The Messenger” has finished!

Thank you to the very many people who have helped make this project possible. Some gave hours, some gave days, some let us use their place as a location (business or home) and some let us use their vehicles! This was a truly widespread community undertaking, and could not have arrived at this point without all of the hundreds working together…no exaggeration (I’ll be updating the “Thank you / credits” page within the next week).

Now the process of serious editing begins. I will post updates as they become reasonably available. Feel encouraged to check back often or join “The Messenger” group through Facebook. This site will also have updated film screening information when that becomes finalized; though currently set for May 4, 2012 we are strongly considering moving it a week or two early; in April to avoid conflicting with “First Friday”.
For now, please enjoy these still photos from the final shoot:

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