New storyboard: “TextiDriving”

Casting call: Looking for “Driver” – approximately 17-20 (preferably male) – must be able to drive.
Children” – approximately 8-14 (preferably male).  Ideally: (2) to be playing a game of basketball.  This is a change from the screenplay/storyboard!
Scheduled shoot: Thursday, July 14, 10:30am-3pm. Fairbanks, Alaska – details to follow (Farmer’s Loop / Skyline drive area).
“Prop” wanted: ‘beater’ car (ideally beat up, not new car).

Please contact director Kade Mendelowitz if you’re interested (ideally e-mail a resume and headshot).

I have created a new storyboard for “The Messenger” TextiDriver scene.

Production staff should consider this a preliminary outline; I’m open to suggestions from my fabulous DP (Maya) and PM (Chris).

This is the perfect scene to shoot this summer; as it features people not in the regular cast (except for Michael getting a headache; but that’s an easy-to-add shot after casting).

  • Location: Farmer’s Loop / Skyline Drive vicinity.
    Casting needs:
  • Teenage boy (preferred) – 17ish; dressed for summer
  • Young boy (preferred) – 8ish; dressed for summer playing outside
  • Ball
  • Phone that texts
  • Automobile (preferred: car, older, unclean).
    Tentative time schedule:
  • Early July – flexible.  Should scout for “evening sun” timeframe;

Link to the new (June 6, 2011) storyboard for “Textidriver”.  Messenger_TextiDriver_2011-06-12 (4 pages, 156k)
Link to the Screenplay version of this script (pdf, 1 page, 48k)

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