Happy Solstice!

Editing screen capture

Multi-Camera Editing

Solstice is a big deal in Fairbanks, marking the “shortest” day of the year (shortest amount of sunlight).
I’ve been slowly (when time permits) editing.  Here’s a screen capture showing what some of that looks like.  Shooting some scenes with as many as five (5!) cameras gives me many options; but also takes a long time to weed through a lot of footage, line up the various clips (so they’re in sync) and then finally get to master the clips.

Prop: Messenger Stalker Board

Messenger Stalker Board

Solstice this year also happens to be the first day of Hannukah!  With the end of the semester, grading, paperwork and editing – I’ve been so slammed, our holiday cards went out very late (as in: most today…some aren’t done!) But I’m looking forward to the “break” from classes as I plan to also get a lot of work on “The Messenger” project done.  I also thought it was past due for an update on this blog, so here are some behind-the-scenes images from the last day of shooting, where we did some “Looping” and Green-Screen videotaping for a scene added at the ‘last minute’!
Enjoy the holiday break, and watch for news of the pending ascension! (Sneak-peek screening April 28, with a public premiere May 4)!

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