Rough cut of “Restore America”

I decided to post the rough cut of scene 14: “Restore America” from the upcoming premiere of “The Messenger” primarily for the students from FLM 271 “Let’s Make a Movie” from Fall, 2011.  They were all given the pieces we shot with that day (along with the production logo and graphics, and group audio recordings) so they could make their own edits of the scene.  If possible, I will try to post some of those (I’ve actually only seen part of one!) – but I thought they might be interested in seeing how the “final” (not quite; and the music will likely change) turned out.

In this edit, only the background music was added (as compared to the files the students were given).  There were approximately 30 extras (including my mother-in-law!) and two “leads” (actors with lines – Michael McIntyre as Jeremy and featuring Thomas Petrie as Lucas), and about 7 crew members who helped film this sequence.
Special thanks to Maya Salganek (Director of Photography), Bethany Marx (Costumer), Adam Gillette (Electrician & Gaffer), Kimberley Eames (Publicity and Craft Services), Adrina Kuntson, David Riffey, Matthew Hartman, Laura Schlutt, and Tiana Hanson (Assistant Director).

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