5 games to entertain children at home during the holidays

Five homemade games to keep children busy during the holidays. Photo: Getty Images

The holiday season is here!

If you are going to have little visitors or spend time with your little ones during the holidays, here are some DIY game ideas that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Building blocks or towers

Kids love to build, so enjoy! You can build blocks with your child, or you can decide to do towers with ice cream containers.

You will only need blocks or empty ice cream containers with lids, or if you don’t have ice cream containers, you can use any plastic container. You will be so surprised by your child’s creativity. Lay out the rules, demonstrate and let them amaze you with their creativity.

2. Play hide and seek

If you have more than three young children doing nothing this festive season, you can change things up by having them play hide and seek.

This game requires at least two players, but it is more fun if three people play it. In this game, one person is assigned to check where others are while others are hiding.

This game is fun for children, but adults should supervise the activities for safety reasons.

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3. Ten Pin Indoor Bowling

All you need are empty toilet paper rolls, paint and a small ball.

Don’t throw away those empty toilet paper rolls. Save them for a creative game of ten-pin indoor bowling. The game has two elements. The first part is to use paint to decorate the dull toilet paper rolls so that they have colorful designs or patterns.

Once they’re dry, stack them in rows on a flat surface and give the kids a little ball to roll and see how many pins they can knock down. Once done, put them away to use them another day.

4. A cardboard house or a box transformed into a car

Don’t throw away empty boxes when buying large new household items. Save them for creative and imaginative DIY projects.

An empty dishwasher box can be transformed into a cozy little house, or add wheels to a large square box to turn it into a car. You don’t have any at home? Just go to your local grocer. Many stores are more than willing to part with their empty boxes.

The best part is turning the box into something magical. The more attention you pay to the details, the more kids will love it. Create windows, curtains, doors or even add a light to enhance the experience.

Let them participate in the creative process of making homemade toys, then watch them enjoy it.

5. A Pirate-Themed Scavenger Hunt

It’s fun for all ages. Create a treasure hunt in the garden or indoors. Dress up as pirates and hide clues in creative locations.

Give youngsters clues on where to look and throw silly tasks at them to get the next tip.

Test their knowledge, help them learn and make it fun. What’s at the end of the hunt? A hidden treasure of their favorite treats or snacks.

Let us know some of the games you’re playing with your kids this summer.

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