Anuradha Menon to present her first theater script at Park’s New Festival


The 11th Annual Park’s New Festival has a bunch of familiar faces and a few new names. In the dance category, we will see Surjit Nongmeikpam, who will stage Folktale, a contemporary dance performance.

Meera Krishnan, responsible for coordinating the program at the Prakriti Foundation, reveals that in addition to Surjit, four other groups also have dance performances. Therefore, we also have F4 by Virieno Zakiesato, Awakening by Parth Bharadwaj, Hands & Face Projects by Diya Naidu, and Architect of Self-destruction by Abhilash Ningappa. Joining them will be Anuradha Menon (aka Lola Kutty) and singer Roopa Mahadevan.

Child either

Anuradha Menon is an accomplished television host (Celebrity Forum / Lola TV) and a successful theater artist (Zen Katha and the award-winning Sammy). However, her solo performance at the New Festival will feature a script that happens to be her first attempt at writing for the theater.

“When Ranvir Shah, the curator of the festival, approached me, he insisted that I present something new that I had never tried before. Therefore, I started looking for ideas, ”says Menon, who then focused on a fictional story of a child actor.

“The piece is called Take 35, and depicts the struggles of a child actor who was not quite successful as an adult. We are aware of how growing child actors are often referred to as “baby” when we talk about the movies they made when they were kids because people are still remembered for their roles more. youth. “

Citing examples of Sana Saeed (from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Student of the year glory), she says few people are able to successfully transition from a child actor to mainstream adult cinema. “What’s more, today’s aspiring child actors are under tremendous pressure, even from parents, to be successful! That’s what inspired me to weave a story around it, ”she reveals.

When life is a lemon

Surjit, born in Manipur, presents an unconventional approach to unconditional love, Tale, which depicts the relationship between people and lime! Surjit satisfies our obvious curiosity by saying, “Lime played a very important role in my childhood as it was featured in my favorite morning drink, lemon tea, in addition to being recommended for various illnesses and as a garnish.

This versatility of the fruit – the ability to impart a sour experience as well as to heal while playing an important role in our culinary habits – can be compared to the experiences of people with their loved ones, who are sometimes sour but still love reigns between them. .

With a cast of seven, the contemporary movement performance features music from the flute, cello and a bamboo branch.

Carnatic call

Roopa Mahadevan remarkably embraced Indian and American music. While on the one hand, she leads a New York-based Indian classical choir called the Navatman Music Collective, she also follows R&B and sings hip-hop hymns like any American. Her performance at this festival is no different, as she will be accompanied by musicians of very different styles, origins and talents.

“My team is: Guy Mintus, an Israeli-born jazz and maquam pianist who is a rising star of the international New York jazz and urban jazz scene, Rohan Krishnamurthy, who is primarily trained in mridangam ( carnatic percussion) and has a university education. foundation in music / musicology and Anjna Swaminathan, a multi-faceted artist who trained in Carnatic and more recently Hindustani, but is also seeking other opportunities in dance, theater, dramaturgy and free jazz.

Speaking of the music they will be playing, she says, “We will give Carnatic a new perspective, while weeding out stereotypical or oppressive ideas of gender and power. “

From September 1 to 3. At the Park and Spaces. From 19h.

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