Be Theater plays a revisited version of the classic “Christmas Carol” tale


Holiday traditions are at the top of everyone’s list, and performing arts organizations certainly offer plenty of options in San Angelo. This year at the Be Theater, we’re proud to join the long list of holiday events by bringing a fun take on a traditional Christmas classic to our little downtown black box theater.

As I write about our current production of “A Christmas Carol … More or Less”, I realize that the lessons Dickens is teaching through Scrooge and the three infamous ghosts are too numerous to count. Everyone has their own way of reminding us that a charitable and compassionate heart is the foundation of humanity.

Real-life husband and wife Trey and Laura Smith all star in the two-person play "A Christmas carol ... more or less," presented by Be Theater.

Since its release in 1843, “A Christmas Carol” has never ceased to be relevant because Dickens warns that the disappearance of all mankind is greed. Just as we never tire of the magical dreams of little Clara or George Bailey’s second chance, Ebenezer’s dizzying discovery of keeping the past, present and future in his heart inspires us year after year.

So when we decided to bring this wonderful old tale to Be Theater, we ended up with the daunting task of finding a script that would fit our small space. When I came across this one, which requires a two-person casting, I immediately knew who would bring this story to life.

Real married couple Trey and Laura Smith have agreed to work with us on this production. Together with our director Suzy Roberts, they brought the script to life, and the result was a powerful, funny and heartwarming show that celebrates the season with a wonderful blend of contemporary and classical theater.

Real-life husband and wife Trey and Laura Smith all star in the two-person play "A Christmas carol ... more or less," presented by Be Theater.

The show’s synopsis is simple: the entire cast and crew of “A Christmas Carol” go skiing and can’t return for production, so Sarah and Charlie, a married couple on the verge of divorce, have to produce the show. ’emission. entirely by themselves! Hilarity ensues and their own lives are interwoven with the story told through storytelling and characterization.

Together, Sarah and Charlie (mainly Sarah) play over 30 characters from “A Christmas Carol”, reminding us that the “bah-humbug” part of the Christmas season is easily corrected with humor and compassion.

Trey Smith appears in Be Theater's


What: “A Christmas carol… more or less”

When: 7:30 p.m. on December 8-9 and 15-16; 2 p.m. 10 & 17 Dec.

Where: Be Theater, 19 W. Beauregard Ave.

Cost: Tickets are $ 20 to $ 22 at or by calling 325-716-4125.

What else: There will be free wine and beer.

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