Ben Affleck’s Batman Script Sounds Better Than Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Matt Reeves dropped new details about Ben Affleck The Batman script, and it sounds pretty good.

Between the comics and live-action adaptations we’ve gotten over the years, we now have a colorful selection of interpretations and reimaginings of Gotham’s Dark Knight. Each of these versions has its own story to tell while keeping the central Batman mythos virtually intact.

Even so, some of the more memorable versions of Batman are often based on other adaptations fans may or may not have heard of before. For example, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy owes much of its history to the 1970s film series. Detective comicswhen the League of Assassins made its official debut.

In the case of Matt Reeves The Batmanthe story is a clear nod to the graphic novel series under the Batman: Earth 1 badge. This universe has a much younger, more realistic version of the Caped Crusader who isn’t as foolproof as some other versions of the character.

Batman = James Bond

However, what happens when the inspiration for your interpretation of the Dark Knight comes from a source outside of the Batman franchise?

Matt Reeves mentioned that it was Ben Affleck’s plans for a unfortunately canceled Batfleck solo movie – for now. This adaptation would be based on some of the signature elements of the James Bond films, namely the reliance on high-tech gadgets and perhaps some of the character dynamics of the Batman family as well.

As revealed in Justice League and the Snyder Cup, Deathstroke was to star as the antagonist to Affleck’s aging Batman. It’s also worth keeping in mind that this is the only live-action version of the character who has to share his cinematic universe with super-powered metahumans. While Matt Reeves’ Batman only has to deal with an online version of the riddler, Ben Affleck’s Batman could take on Darkseid.

Add to that the fact that this is the oldest version of the Caped Crusader we’ve seen in a live action movie and it becomes easier to see why Affleck would have wanted his character to lean more. on his gadgets than on his own physique. This is where the Bond comparison seems even more interesting: what if we could finally see a proper interpretation of the Batman family on the big screen?

Deathstroke as Villain

HBO Deathstroke

Other details about the scrapped Batfleck movie include Batman fighting alongside Batgirl to defeat Deathstroke. Going back to the similarities between James Bond and Ben Affleck’s Batman, it seems this version of Bruce Wayne would have relied on his partners behind the scenes a lot more, with Alfred playing a role very reminiscent of Q in the Bond saga.

What would have been even more interesting, however, was if this Batgirl was instead Oracle: Barbara Gordon’s alias after she was left crippled by the Joker in The killer joke. After all, Affleck’s Batman lived through some of the most traumatic events in Dark Knight publishing history, including the violent death of Jason Todd’s Robin.

Unfortunately, Ben Affleck’s departure from the DC Extended Universe means this dream crossover between Batman and Bond may never see the light of day. Matt Reeves’ movie is undeniably great, but we can’t help but feel like we’re missing something with the Justice League’s sudden disbandment in the DCEU.

Who knows: no one really believed it The Snyder Cut was possible, but here we are.

Tell us, do you think Ben Affleck’s The Batman idea is better than Matt Reeves’ movie?

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