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The Marshalltown Community Theater canceled its production of “Pure as the Driven Snow” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and hopes to stage the play in the fall.

With non-essential workers urged to stay at home and gatherings discouraged, many events have been canceled for the coming months. Among these is the Marshalltown Community Theater production of “Pure as the Driven Snow” which is scheduled to premiere April 25. The theater hopes to reschedule but is unable to set a date due to the uncertainty of the situation.

“Pure as the Driven Snow” is a comedy by Paul Loomis centered on Purity Dean, a pretty working girl. She is constantly tormented by the advances of Mortimer Frothingham, the villain of the play. Melodrama will attract the audience and make them laugh.

Pete Grady, production manager, is excited to hear when they can share the piece with the community.

“He’s really one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with,” he said.

Grady said rehearsals are going well and he thinks people are going to love the piece.

“It was top notch. They are really good people and they all really enjoyed the show,” he said.

Grady said the cast members enjoyed watching their castmates perform and laughed while watching the scenes, which is a sign that the show is good.

Although he feels bad that the play isn’t being performed this spring, he acknowledges that everyone is making sacrifices right now.

“There are a lot more important things that have happened because of the coronavirus,” Grady said.

He wanted to let people know that the Marshalltown Community Theater will be putting on “Shrek the Musical” this summer, which he hopes will attract many residents. Auditions are set for May 11, depending on the state of the pandemic at the time, and the production organizer is Nathan Bloomquist.

Grady said he hopes to bring “Pure as the Driven Snow” to Marshalltown in the fall so it doesn’t interfere with “Shrek the Musical.”


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