Drag version of classic game The Steamie is coming to the Britannia Panopticon

A new take on an iconic Glasgow comedy with a thrilling twist is coming to theaters in September.

Dragged Tae The Steamie is a modern take on Tony Roper’s beloved Glasgow comedy that will see the main characters all played by actors in drag.

Written by TV star Tony in the 1980s, the play is a hilariously touching nostalgic snapshot of the lives of four women in the 1950s all trying to do their laundry before the bells of Hogmanay.

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The four women of varying ages and personalities in the public washhouse share memories and hopes, and gossip about the men and their lives.

Far from being a parody of the beloved tale, this re-staged performance at Grant F Kidd’s Britannia Panopticon in Trongate is an ode to the iconic character who ignited his passion for acting, Magrit.

As a young boy he fell in love with The Steamie like many people across Scotland and became an actor, drag performer and a darling panto lady.

Finally achieving his lifelong goal, Grant will now take to the stage in what he described as his “impossible role” to play Magrit.

Grant told the Glasgow Times that he didn’t quite understand as a young boy why he was so drawn to Magrit, but now, as an actor and performer, he appreciates him as a complex character.

Glasgow hours:

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He said: “Magrit is not an angry woman just because she is an angry woman.

“Magrit is an angry woman because she knows there should be more to life than getting up and cooking and cleaning, working to the bone and being a waste, and she is angry with society.

“She is a woman who truly deserves more in life.”

He added: “It’s just a snapshot of four women’s lives one night while they’re doing their laundry, but you recognize these women as people you know and how they talk to each other and how they talk about their life.

“Women are funny because of how they deal with the trauma in their lives.”

Glasgow hours:

The drag twist on classic characters will see the story’s misogyny reversed with four male actors playing the female roles and a female burlesque performer playing the part of the misogynistic male.

Many drag performers have been inspired by the women of The Steamie and the surge in popularity of drag shows is sure to make it a hit.

Mr Roper said: “It’s going to be a huge jolt to my senses, and I can’t wait to see the production.

“It will definitely be different, that’s for sure.”

The production hopes to bring together both drag audiences and traditional theater audiences to celebrate one of Glasgow’s most beloved plays.

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