End of the theater scriptwriting workshop

City theater aspirants were given a three-month task to achieve what they desired. The scriptwriting workshop concluded on Tuesday with participants promising to fulfill their most desirable dream within three months.

A script writing workshop was organized by Karmayogi Drama Troupe, Bhopal for theater aspirants in the city. The two-day workshop ended here on Tuesday. An expert and renowned playwright, Sudeep Sohni, led the workshop. Notably, Sudeep is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and has been in acting for a long time.

Being into theater and movies, Sudeep knows the details of the field. He shared his experiences with the participants during the scriptwriting workshop. During the scriptwriting workshop, the expert focused on various aspects of theatrical, cinematographic and scriptwriting.

On the final day of the workshop, scripting practice took place through assignments and assignments.

Through various exercises and tasks, Sudeep concluded the workshop. It was a fun workshop where participants learned the “art of writing” through engaging assignments. On the last day of the workshop, a theatrical reading session took place.

The participants read the famous story of Munshi Premchand “Idgah”. After the reading session, Sudeep asked participants to create a short play on the same “Idagh” concept. The participants used their images and with beautiful and wise puns they created a one-act play.

Next, Sudeep asked participants to remember a best incident in their life and write a short scene about it. The participants enthusiastically participated in each task.

Sudeep concluded the workshop with a motivational speech. He asked the student to fulfill one of his wishes in three months. He also asked them to strictly follow the rules of professionalism wherever they go. The workshop ended on a happy note.

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