Hindi play ‘Bin Pate Ki Chitthi’ staged at Black Box Theater Academy

A Hindi play “Bin Pate Ki Chitthi” was staged at Black Box Theater Academy by Wednesday.

The play is written by Akhilesh Verma and directed by Tanaji Rao. The piece was performed by the artists of the Pahal Imprint Cultural Society. The performance begins with a poem by Tanaji by the actors illustrating color and his devotion, immediately followed by the play.

The story of the play basically portrays the lives of people who leave their homes, villages and cities due to certain reasons and circumstances and remain the means of populating the path of a metropolitan city.

The play showcases the grief, struggles of everyday people, and how they go about their lives overcoming struggles.

In the play, a middle-aged man, relaxing with a young boy, enters to escape the freezing cold of Delhi, the medium of the conversation between the two reveals the circumstances due to which they both came here.

The child had left his home and moved here a few years ago or the middle-aged man was once a successful journalist by profession but lost his family in an accident and is now in that condition , leaving all that was left to him in life, in which the public can see.

A successful attempt was made to show the vitality, life struggle, purpose, curiosity, state of mind of these people through this piece. But, the end of the story turned out to be such that no one ever thought of it.

The play was staged wonderfully, leaving the audience in awe. The act was full of fun and drama enjoyed by theatergoers.

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