Is Mutual Masturbation Right For You?

If you’re a man looking for a new sexual adventure and your libido is not where it should be, you may be considering looking into mutual masturbation. In this article I’ll explain what are the benefits of mutual masturbation and whether it is something that you should consider. I’ll also mention some drawbacks that you need to consider as well.

How to have a more satisfying sex life?

How to have a more satisfying sex life?

For any man on a mission to have a more satisfying sex life, masturbation can provide a much needed boost. In fact it is one of the first things a man does before making love. And with good reason too!

But does it work in your sex life? Well, most men will say yes, others will say no. The answer really depends on your life.

As a man that has enjoyed multiple orgasms in many past relationships, I’d have to say that it can be very rewarding to explore different sexual activity. But is that something that I would recommend to you?

I am not suggesting that mutual masturbation is something you should never pursue. In fact, I believe that it can give both partners the chance to discover and feel more comfortable about their bodies.

Make your own sex life a little more exciting

Make your own sex life a little more exciting

What I’m recommending is that if you’ve had it up to here with your sex life, it’s time to try something different. Maybe you should start by exploring masturbation together. If your partner is reluctant, don’t push them.

If you both have an open mind, even if it’s just for a short period of time, you could make your own sex life a little more exciting. It’s good to take the focus off of what you feel is wrong and put it back on to what you both enjoy. You can help each other with these.

Advantages to mutual masturbation

Advantages to mutual masturbation

There are some advantages to mutual masturbation that can be very beneficial. Lets look at some of them.

Firstly, it can be an amazing way to work out your relationship. You can work out exactly what is missing from your sex life, and how to increase your satisfaction. There is nothing better than sharing your feelings with your partner.

Secondly, it can provide a lot of insight and help you work out some very different techniques for your sexual activities. You’ll learn how to reach new heights with your partners as well as enjoying much more pleasure than ever before. It could be life changing.

Finally, but certainly not least, mutual masturbation can show you exactly what you are doing wrong. And this could lead to a great deal of improvement, which you wouldn’t have found on your own.

For some men, masturbating with their significant other can be a very enjoyable experience that can give them a much deeper sex life. It can also help you bond much better with your partner.

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