Joker Sequel News Divides Fans As Joaquin Phoenix Dreams Up Reading Script For New Film

A sequel to the award-winning Joker film has been confirmed, with Joaquin Phoenix set to return for a second outing as the iconic villain.

Director Todd Phillips shared the news on Instagram, teasing fans with a photo of the front page of a script with the title “Joker: Folie à Deux” written on it, named after the French term for two people sharing a delusion or mental illness. The front page also revealed that the film will be co-written by Scott Silver, who wrote Joker with Phillips.

The director delighted his followers with a second photo showing Joaquin Phoenix, who starred as the Joker in the 2019 film, engrossed in reading the script. The 47-year-old actor won the Best Actor Oscar after his portrayal of troubled Arthur Fleck.

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The first film, based on characters from the DC comics, follows Fleck as he inspires a violent revolution in Gotham City after failed attempts to make it as a party clown and stand-up comedian. The sequel’s plot is currently being kept under wraps, but it’s expected to follow up on the origin story told in Joker which culminates in Fleck becoming the notorious clown-faced villain.

The film became the highest R-rated film of all time at the global box office, topping a staggering $1 billion as one of the last big blockbusters to hit cinemas before the Covid-19 pandemic n ‘forces the industry to stop. Despite the film’s success, it proved to be divisive with audiences, with some criticizing its depiction of gun violence and mental illness.

It’s not yet clear what the sequel will be about or when it will be in cinemas – but the news has already garnered strong opinions from potential audiences

Opinions have already been similarly divided on the sequel – while some shared their excitement, others expressed their opinion that a second outing for Phoenix’s Joker was unnecessary. “Joker really didn’t need a sequel,” one person tweeted. “Honestly, it was good as it was a standalone. Not all huge hits need a sequel.

Some have shared their concern that a sequel won’t live up to its predecessor, with another fan writing, “The first one was a masterpiece, should leave it as it is.”

“Where would the sequel plot go?” asked a third Twitter user. “The goal of the film was to be an epic tale [of] originally with a sweet ending that set up the influence the joker had on Gotham.”

Either way, fans may have to wait a bit before they can see the sequel in theaters. The script for the first film was written in 2017 ahead of the film’s premiere in August 2019, so the release of the second film is likely still a few years away.

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