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Julia Roberts appreciated the “age-appropriate” nature of the Ticket to Paradise script.

The 54-year-old is well known for her work in rom-coms such as Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and My Best Friend’s Wedding, and she’s returning to the genre with her latest film.

Ticket to Paradise was the first romantic comedy script she’d warmed to in years, and she told The New York Times that it was refreshing to read a script that suited her age.

“I think it’s different reading these scripts at 54. I can’t read a story like My Best Friend’s Wedding where I fall out of a chair and all that stuff because…” she trailed off. , to which her co-star George Clooney joked, “You’d break your hip.”

She continued, “But it was nice to read something that was age appropriate, where the jokes made sense, and I enjoyed and understood what these people were going through. That’s what people want. see, your connection to a job. They want to see the heart space you have for that — not just, ‘Oh, do something funny because we like it.'”

In Ticket to Paradise, the stars of Ocean’s Eleven play warring exes who team up to stop their daughter, played by Kaitlyn Dever, from marrying a man she just met.

This is Julia’s first film in four years and she has no plans to increase her workload once her three teenage children rob the nest.

“I take everything as it comes. I try to be super present and not plan, and I don’t have any acting work coming up,” she explained.

Ticket to Paradise will be released in UK cinemas later this month and in the US in October.

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