Kate and Gerry McCann slam new play inspired by Maddie’s disappearance for ‘taking advantage’ of their heartache


A NEW play inspired by a father’s “paranoia” after Madeleine McCann’s disappearance has been criticized by her parents for trying to “profit” from their heartache.

Kate and Gerry have exposed famous playwright John Godber for using their daughter’s kidnapping to promote his latest work.


Madeleine McCann disappeared more than ten years ago while her family was on vacation in PortugalCredit: PA: Press Association
    The room


‘It’s Not Fair’ Play Focuses on Father Obsessed with Madeleine McCann Case and Keeping Daughter Safe

A source close to the couple said: “They find it in bad taste to use Madeleine’s kidnapping and their own agony in the name of art and for a paying audience.

“Their daughter was abducted over 12 years ago and although the police are doing everything they can to find her, she is still missing.

“Tying Madeleine’s case, however high profile it may be, to a play or television show that her family did not approve of is not very helpful and it seems like a desperate attempt to profit from a public.”

Godber tells of a father’s fear for his daughter’s safety when another student goes missing from his college.

The presentation of the play “It’s Not Fair” which opens for a short time tomorrow after a preview tonight, says: “This is the unfiltered story of Holly Parker, a talented daughter of a municipal estate in Hull, and his single-parent father.

“After passing the exam causes her to be bullied, Holly’s anxiety grows when her father becomes obsessed with the Madeleine McCann affair and keeps her safe. Now her father is losing control. and Holly is scared. That’s not good! “

In a recent interview with Front Row, the BBC Radio 4 arts show, Godber, 63, said: “The genesis of the play was that I had two daughters, one went to the University of Hull and the other in Leepo.

“The Madeleine McCann case had become absolutely everywhere and, as a father, I started to get a little paranoid about where my children were.”

He recounted how the play, which he first wrote six years ago but which is only being directed now, is about “the paranoia, the fear, the way we relate. which are true and false, and how paranoia is transferred from parents to offspring and vice. It’s about what we think is there but maybe not there.

It tells the fictional story of the brilliant Holly Parker who is taken in by her frantic father after her mother leaves them.

It opens at Wilton’s Music Hall in London a day before the funeral of Hull’s real missing student Libby Squires, 21, who was tragically found murdered in March two months after she went missing over a night out.

    Kate and Gerry McCann criticized the play


Kate and Gerry McCann criticized the playCredit: PA: Press Association
    Madeleine McCann disappeared on vacation in Portugal in May 2007


Madeleine McCann disappeared on vacation in Portugal in May 2007Credit: PA: Press Association PICTURE DESK

Madeleine disappeared from a vacation apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in May 2007.

She had been left to sleep with her younger twin siblings while her parents had dinner at a nearby tapas bar with friends.

Cardiologist Gerry and ex-GP Kate, both 51, from Rothley, Leics, cling to a silver lining that their daughter may still be alive. She would now be 16.

British cops, who received £ 11.75million in taxpayer money for their Operation Grange investigation, have found no new clues since their investigation began in May 2011.

But agents are determined to resolve the case and have been given an additional £ 300,000 to continue the search until the end of March next year.

A BBC crime drama The Cry, starring Jenna Coleman, which aired last fall and is currently airing on RTE, also draws parallels to Madeleine’s disappearance.

Cry producer Claire Mundell, recently asked about the similarities to Maddie’s kidnapping, said: “There are a slew of sadly different high-profile cases that have happened over the years and there were no specific case on which we relied.

“The show is an adaptation of a novel and what interested me about the novel when I first read it was that it was about a very contemporary genre of crime.”

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