Kenyan Drama Producer Surprises Girlfriend With Sweet Proposal On Stage: ‘Best Surprise Ever

  • A Kenyan play producer has been praised for his creativity, after proposing to his lover on stage
  • After the lady finished performing, the man began throwing tantrums, saying he was unhappy with his sweetheart’s closeness to a male actor.
  • The actor responded by daring him to marry Terry Karanja if she was his girlfriend, which he got down on one knee to propose
  • The actress was shocked and ran out of the room crying uncontrollably before coming back and saying yes

A Kenyan man has left his lover, Terry Karanja, speechless after proposing to her.

A Kenyan proposes to his actress lover to live in the theater, leaving her surprised. Photo: Boni Kanyuira.
Source: Instagram

Lady runs away after lover proposes, comes back and says yes

The man was at the theater and right after Terry and his colleagues were done playing; he was given the chance to speak, and he started throwing tantrums, and said he was unhappy with how close his girlfriend and a male actor were.

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“I’ve been silent for a long time, but today I have to talk. The one you’re talking to is my girlfriend. I persevered because I don’t like it when you talk to her all the time…” said he said to a man who was part of the cast.

In a video shared on instagram by someone who was present at the scene, the actor responded by daring him to marry Terry if she was indeed his girlfriend.

The romantic man got down on his knees and removed a ring before proposing to his lover.

Terry couldn’t believe his eyes and she walked away. The crew clapped with more shouts and her “theater boyfriend” followed her outside and carried her back into the room, where her lover was still kneeling holding the ring.

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Overwhelmed with emotion, Terry knelt down, crying as her co-workers helped her up.

She then walked over to her man, still covering his face with her hands, then said yes to the applause of her fellow actors.

They then kissed tightly. The excited actress shared her reaction on her Insta Stories and said she was surprised.

“Didn’t see this coming. Getting offered on the stage of a play, pee! That’s my best surprise. Love wins,” she said.

A man proposes to his girlfriend during the church service reported the news of how a Nigerian woman received a romantic marriage proposal with a car gift from her boyfriend. While we’re yet to get over this grand gesture, another man has left people on social media stunned. A marriage proposal video has surfaced on the internet.

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In the video, the young man revealed how he met her at church, a few seats away from hers.


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