Kevin Smith Talks Scrapped ‘Clerks III’ Script

“Fortunately, we never got there”

Posted on August 26, 2022

Before the arrival of Clerk III in theaters next month, Kevin Smith and the gang walked the red carpet yesterday (August 25) for its premiere at the TCL Chinese 6 Theaters – the Los Angeles Theater formerly known as Mann’s Chinese – and unveiled details of a scenario that was never retained.

“It opened on the evening of Hurricane Sandy,” Smith said. The Hollywood Reporter. “Dante and Randal were locked up in a jail because the original version of Clerks III was the opening of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot where the cops come in and arrest Jay and Silent Bob.”

Smith continued: “All of them have been arrested and there’s an interrogation scene and someone comes in and says, ‘We have to get them out and put them in cells because that happens. And [the guys] are like, ‘What’s happening?’ “They call him Sandy.” They have been locked in a cell all night and they come out in the morning to find that the Quick Stop has been destroyed by a flood.”

The Hollywood Reporter summarizes the following plot:

The convenience store victim causes Randal to have a nervous breakdown, and to remedy it, he goes to a movie theater to wait for a screening of Ranger Danger. The catch: The movie wasn’t scheduled for another year.

“Like a weird move,” Smith continued. “A village grows in the movie theater parking lot. Randal builds an adjoining version of Quick Stop, like a bodega-slum version, and becomes the unofficial mayor of that town. It was a movie about dealing with grief.”

The filmmaker conceded: “Fortunately, we never made it.”

The version of Clerk III who made the cut is set to hit theaters on September 13. Smith will attend two screenings in Vancouver on September 18 and 19 at the Rio Theater.

Check out new cast shots of Jason Mewes’ Instagram co-star below.

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