Lil Gator Game Debuts “Lil Friends Wholesome Games” Trailer at Wholesome Games Direct 2022

In conjunction with Wholesome Games Direct 2022, publisher Playtonic Friends and developer MegaWobble have released the latest trailer for their upcoming game, Lil Gator Gamecoming to PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Lil Gator is so excited too that they’ve created a dev diary themselves to introduce you to an island of friends who are excited to meet you!

About Lil Gator Game

Embark on an adorable adventure, make new friends and experience all the island has to offer. Climb, swim, slide, and glide through the hearts of the many different characters you meet on your travels! Complete quests and recruit new friends to join you in your very own adventure game!

Explore a lovingly crafted island chock-full of areas to discover, friends to make, and joy to have. Each area of ​​the island brings unique quests and characters to encounter. Glide through mountain peaks and meet the children of the theater troupe, swing your sword through the forest with the preschoolers or find the “Cool Kids” in the Creaklands. With many other areas to discover, it’s impossible to know who you might encounter!

WOW, there are so many friends to meet, and even more waiting to be discovered when Lil Gator Game hits Steam and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Source: press release

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