Love never too late at the center of the play Invisible | Arts and theater


“He came to me and asked my permission,” Graham said, still a little incredulous that his father didn’t know how to handle a date.

Clearance was granted and the two walked out.

“Twenty-seven years later, they were still together when he passed away. “

It could have been a movie: “It was the first screenplay I wrote – 28 years ago,” Graham says of “Stella & Lou”. “It was called ‘Reilly’s Last Request.’ Although it sold, it was never manufactured.

“They said no one wanted to see a middle-aged love affair.”

And then there were three: “Stella & Lou” started out as a two-character play, although it has the character of Donnie in the film’s original script. Some theaters prefer the two-character version. Not Graham. “I prefer all three,” he says. “Donnie brings another perspective on relationships. He starts off and he’s scared, and Lou is scared too.

On the writing of the naturalist dialogue: Research, although unconventional research, says Graham. “I go out and surreptitiously record the conversations and transcribe them verbatim, with all the ums and ahs and not sequiturs. I am a rabid indiscreet. When you deeply understand how conversations go, writing natural dialogue becomes easier, says Graham.

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