Mira Sethi Collaborates With Zia Mohyeddin On Urdu Adaptation Of The Play “King Lear”


Mir Sethi is preparing for a theatrical production in collaboration with legendary Zia Mohyeddin for the Urdu adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, King Lear. The starlet recently made the announcement on social media.

The last time we learn is that the Mira has shared the dates of the next performance.

“Working with Zia Mohyeddin sb has been punitive, demanding, exhilarating – the experience of a lifetime. King Lear – an Urdu adaptation! – opens in Karachi on December 19 and runs through December 29. see many there! ”, shares Mira in a tweet.

Previously, she had shared a photo of the Urdu translation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear to her official Instagram account with a caption, saying, “It’s happening. In Urdu. Directed by Zia Mohyeddin. Glad to have the opportunity to work with the Master.

The play is translated into Urdu by Khalid Ahmed and is scheduled to take place December 19-29, 2019 at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) in Karachi.

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