My goal is to always follow the script: John Abraham

Bollywood star John Abraham said on Saturday he doesn’t believe in following a trend with his screenplay choices, as he likes to take on projects he feels are right for him.

Over the past two years, Abraham has been attached to projects that have seen him play various law enforcement officers, be it ”Parmanu”, ”Batla House” or two films ”Satyamev”. Jayate”.

However, the actor said the idea that he was looking forward to playing a police officer or a member of the military was not right.

”My goal is to always follow the script. I never go out in army uniform. ‘Parmanu’ was a different kind of movie where I was in military uniform. In ‘Batla House’, I was a policeman but I was wearing civilian clothes. And now I’m playing a super soldier. So whatever the requirement of a film, I always comply. It’s never that I want to make only patriotic movies,’ Abraham told reporters.

The 49-year-old actor was speaking at a press conference to promote his upcoming movie ‘Attack’, directed by Lakshya Raj Anand.

Abraham said he just picks movies that suit him and doesn’t consider what audiences expect of him.

“I’m just doing what I think is right. After Vicky Donor, there were a lot of people asking me to do ‘Vicky Donor 2’ but we did ‘Madras Cafe’. Then they asked me to do ‘Madras Cafe 2’. So generally there is a herd mentality where you follow a trend. But I don’t do that. I don’t work like that,” he added.

”Attack” presents Abraham as a ”super soldier”, who can operate ”beyond normal human limits”.

The film is set as a franchise, set in a world where “future wars will be fought over technology and artificial intelligence (AI)”.

During the press conference, Abraham was asked about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the actor said that conventional warfare is no longer limited to “guns and swords”, which makes the situation quite frightening.

”I read recently that there was an attack in a theater in Mariupol in Ukraine and that 300 people died. It is very very scary when we hear of such incidents because a war today is not about guns and swords. These are high-tech drones and supersonic missiles. Their error range is only three meters,” he said.

Abraham also recalled filming Kabir Khan’s film ”Kabul Express” in Afghanistan in 2006 and the great risk it was to shoot the film in the country.

”When I was in Afghanistan, at one point I was told to stop because there were landmines in front of me. At the time, government officials told me that there were so many landmines in Afghanistan that it would take 40 years to clear them all.

”So much happened in that time that I can’t even share because I believe all Afghans are good. They are beautiful and lovely people. But it was a big risk (to film there).” The actor was also asked about his views on ”The Kashmir Files”, the film directed by Vivek Agnihotri about the pundits’ exodus from the Kashmir from the Kashmir Valley in the 90s. .

To this, the actor simply replied, “I’m not on social media and I don’t watch any particular news channel…I haven’t seen ‘The Kashmir Files’.” Starring Rakul Preet Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez, ”Attack” is backed by Pen Studios, Abraham’s JA Entertainment and Ajay Kapoor Productions.

The film will be released worldwide on April 1.

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