New theater to include local residents in storyline development series

AMT Theater announced that it would be looking for full scripts to use as part of its play development series. Scripts must be at least 75 minutes long, on any subject or genre, as long as they have not been professionally produced in the past. Scripts will be selected by the play’s reading committee, and those chosen will receive a full reading with actors in the brand new 99-seat theater in Midtown Manhattan, starting this fall. From there, a piece (or pieces) will be chosen to receive an audition from a professional accompanist in hopes of taking it to the next level.

The series of readings will see the participation of actors, writers and directors as well as residents of Hell’s Kitchen. AMT hopes to tap into the local community in its area and solicit their feedback on the plays to be developed. “The ultimate reason we do what we do is to produce pieces that people will actually want to see,” says Tony Sportiello, Artistic Director of AMT. “So it makes sense to involve them on the ground floor.”

Play Development Series Manager Mimi Warnick adds, “Our goal is for AMT to be the theatrical voice of Midtown Manhattan. We want to include our audience’s ideas and feedback when choosing our season’s programming. We are very happy to find and develop new works. which is diverse in subjects, backgrounds and experiences. We hope audiences will find stories that are not only entertaining, but representative of their community.

The AMT Theater is located at 354 West 45th Street, in the heart of the theater district. It will produce new musicals, original plays, cabaret, children’s theatre, international festivals and more. The theater plans to open from June 1.

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