Palm Canyon’s upcoming play welcomes audiences live again



Palm Canyon Theater becomes Coachella Valley’s first performance venue to host an in-person audience since the COVID-19 pandemic closed performance venues around the world. With its production of You are a good man, Charlie Brown, opening July 9, the producers hope to showcase the power of the performing arts while kicking off the theater’s 25th anniversary season.

However, safety comes first. For this season, the theater has chosen productions with smaller actors, maximizing their workspace and minimizing potential contact between the actors and the crew. “We usually put on shows with around 25 to 45 cast members,” says co-artistic director Se Layne, who is also the choreographer of “Charlie Brown”. “The pandemic challenged us to come up with more character-driven stories. “

In addition to small productions, the theater follows CDC, state, and local guidelines, such as offering hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.

In You are a good man, Charlie Brown, which runs through July 18, all of the familiar characters – Lucy, Schroeder, Linus, Snoopy and “fool” Charlie Brown – reflect on life’s biggest questions in poignant, funny, and rowdy ways.


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