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Martyna Majok’s 2018 Pulitzer Prize-winning play receives its Broadway premiere after a acclaimed Off-Broadway tour with the Manhattan Theater Club. Get tickets to Cost of Living on the New York Theater Guide. Cost of Living is a play about caregiving, alienation, and connection. There are two central pairs of characters: Ani and Eddie, and John and Jess. Ani and Eddie are estranged spouses, but following an accident that leaves her amputated above the knee, he returns to care for her. Elsewhere, John, who has cerebral palsy, hires Jess to help him with his daily chores. But Ani and John’s disabilities, and their companions’ roles as caregivers, are the least of what this play is about. The loud-mouthed firecracker Ani is bitter at Eddie for leaving her and equally bitter for his return, but he constantly does his best to lighten her mood and be there for her. And John and Jess are both Princeton graduates, but while John holds many privileges due to that education, his wealth, and his whiteness, Jess barely manages to make ends meet working for John. As these two couples navigate their own issues of race, class, personality, and more, it becomes less clear who’s looking after whom. And the stories of the pairs end up colliding too. After a world premiere at the Williamstown Theater Festival, the Manhattan Theater Club premiered Cost of Living off Broadway in 2017 to acclaim; the show was a critic’s choice of The New York Times. Now, MTC is also mounting the Broadway premiere at its home venue, the Samuel J. Friedman Theater. Between these Cost of Living productions in New York, the play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2018 and premiered in London in 2019, with original cast member Katy Sullivan as Ani. Sullivan is also returning for the Broadway premiere of The Cost of Living, alongside original cast member Gregg Mozgala and Obie Award-winning original director Jo Bonney. In a five-star review of Cost of Living in 2017, our reviewer said, “The Cost of Living reawakens my belief in the poetry of theater and highlights its purpose as a critical eye on our human existence. At first glance, you might think Cost of Living is a melancholic story, but Ms. Majok brilliantly imbues its characters and dialogue with biting humor. -Broadway Stars and Director: How I Learned to Drive, starring Mary-Louise Parker and David Morse and directed by Mark Brokaw.Majok is a Polish-born American playwright whose breakup came in 2014 with the play Ironbound. She followed with Cost of Living, Queens and Sanctuary City, which debuted with the New York Theater Workshop in 2021 and earned a five-star review from the New York Theater Guide. The Cost of Living marks Majok’s Broadway debut. Cost of Living in New York tickets are on sale now.

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