Poison (Theatre Play) – a crowdfunding project for film and theater in London by Laura Maria Nicosia

A two-handed drama exploring the concept of mourning.

After a decade of separation, a man and woman reunite to decide what to do with their child’s remains after they have been informed that the land is poisoned and the cemetery must be moved.

They both find themselves looking for closure, but how they go about it is very different…

  • Why is the project important?

I’ve always had a hard time letting go. Whether it’s people, places, things or memories, I’ve always found it necessary to say goodbye and carry on with a difficult and challenging life. I think that’s why when I read this piece, I felt drawn to it.

And then the Pandemic appeared, and I found myself alone at home with my own thoughts! Over the past few years, I have personally had to accept my way of seeing things and understand that things are neither good nor bad, that they ARE right and that they become positive or negative according to the vision that the we have them.

I think this piece is a good example of that and an exploration of that. In the most extreme circumstances (losing a child), can you find the strength to accept life as it is and continue living?

The past few years have forced us all to ask ourselves this question, whether it’s because of the loss of a loved one, a job, or because, all of a sudden, all our beliefs have been turned upside down.

Our hope is that everyone who comes to see the play comes away with a new understanding of how to deal with life when things seem to get out of hand.

  • What are our motivations for doing this project?

Simon and I decided to embark on this project because we wanted to challenge ourselves as actors and as artists. We were both immediately drawn to the writing and the theme of the story, and decided to do what we could to bring it to life.

We seized the opportunity to have full creative control over the project even if it meant learning to juggle the roles of actors, producers and directors, all at the same time!

But to bring our vision for this story to life, we need your help and support.

  • How are we going to do it?

We are self-funded at the moment, so we put the money directly out of our pockets. (Ouch) But it’s worth it! We are also looking to apply for Arts Council funding and are looking for other avenues of funding.

And of course, we hope to bring as many people as possible to see the play!

  • What will the money raised be used for?

We see this week of performances as a beginning rather than an end.

We want to gather enough promotional material and feedback to make a longer series of games next year.

The money raised will initially help cover current production costs and ensure that everyone involved so far can be paid fairly.

Some people have given us their time and in-kind support since we are self-funded, but we want to be able to pay all the artists involved for their hard work.

Tickets are available here

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