PS Plus should be used to breathe new life into games, says Shuhei Yoshida

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s beloved indie boss Shuhei Yoshida has weighed in on the PS Plus Day One Games debate, reiterating the company’s position and arguing that the service should be used for lifecycle management rather than launching games. In other words, Shu also believes that video games should have traditional and premium launches and that subscription services like PS Plus should be used to breathe new life into games that are starting to slow in sales.

Day One PS Plus Games Like Stray Are ‘An Anomaly’

Speaking to at GI Live: London, Yoshida said games like Stray and Rocket League, which became hits after launching on PS Plus, are outliers. Sony believes in premium launches, especially for AAA games, with Yoshida comparing PS Plus games to movies that hit theaters first before moving to pay-per-view, subscription services, and more.

“For Extra, our approach is to help publishers with lifecycle management,” Yoshida said. “I was managing the first part, so I know it’s like in movies – a movie first comes out in theaters and then goes on pay-per-view, or a subscription service, or free-to-air TV , generating new revenue every time and reaching a wider audience. Similarly, we believe in releasing a premium title at launch and after maybe six months, three months or three years, when sales of the game decline, inclusion in this service, PS Plus Extra, can help introduce these games to new, wider audiences.

Yoshida went on to say that Sony is actively encouraging publishers to use PS Plus to manage their game lifecycle.

In other news, Dying Light 2 DLC Bloody Ties’ first story has been delayed yet again, and Ubisoft is “rewriting and updating” the Splinter Cell remake story for a “modern” audience.

[Source: Eurogamer, PushSquare]

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