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In 2008, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Tony McNamara staged a play at the Sydney Theater Company around Catherine the Great. As he was writing a potential film adaptation, he began to realize how massive the story was and decided it would work better as a series. In 2018, Great was greenlit at Hulu and its success led to Emmy and SAG Award nominations and a renewal for a third season.

The McNamara-written Season 2 episode “Alone at Last” is the final episode of It Starts On the Page, Deadline’s annual series that highlights the scripts that serve as creative mainstays for the trending shows that will define the TV awards season underway. . The scripts for our series are all submitted for consideration at this year’s Emmy Awards and were selected by Deadline using criteria that include critical acclaim, selection from a wide range of networks and platforms, and a mix of established and lesser-known shows.

Great is a satirical dark comedy-drama loosely based on Catherine’s rise to power in Russia. Elle Fanning plays Catherine, a royal who marries Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) and quickly realizes her depraved and dangerous nature. Season 2 begins after Catherine enacts a coup and takes over the country, only to struggle to bring enlightenment to a country that doesn’t want it.

“Alone at Last” begins with Catherine waking up to find that the now semi-exiled Peter has murdered a nobleman, Count Tarzinsky. Although Peter claims that this act was justified – after all, Tarzinsky called him an “asshole” – Catherine decides to lock him in his room and prevent him from going truffle hunting with his new dog.

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